A reverse!Hoarfrost AU. Where Suzuo is the alternative rebel, and Leon is the rich business kid. You can read hoarfrost on smackjeeves.

This is a random comic, I was bored and art block.
Leon and Taq. Being themselves…

Oh hey~ followers. erm Heads up, I do draw a lot of gorey/bloody and sexual things. I also mostly draw my own characters. But, I know a lot of you followed me for my RT stuff of Ryan. 
So, yeah— I dunno how comfy you’ll be but hope you like my art! Have a great day.


I’m so art blocked. I drew this whilst on livestream. Erk.

Drew this on livestream
Just a doodle of Red.

Hehehe… I need to practice with legs man…

My Favorite guy from Achievement Hunter, Ryan Haywood. This was requested while I was on live stream and I wanted to draw him badly any way, So took my chance also drew this with a busted thumb any way… All hail the Mad King.

I drew these guys a year ago and I was looking through my gallery when I remembered them.
This is red and wolf as you guys know ;’) 
Just Chillin’ in the woods. Red, still hasn’t got pants on a year later. 

For my girlfriend with our RP characters Marcus and Russell.
We were watching Moulin Rogue yesterday and she suggested an AU where Russell is an escort and of course Marcus is the client.