For my girlfriend with our RP characters Marcus and Russell.
We were watching Moulin Rogue yesterday and she suggested an AU where Russell is an escort and of course Marcus is the client.

I’ve only drawn sketches of Aaron not a full drawn picture. So here’s Aaron, the other Mayer.
I just love drawing the Mayer brothers bloody. Whoops. I aged Aaron up to 19 in this picture…

I Actually nearly sorta lost this, I didn’t save and Photoshop was like “Photoshop is gonna close down” So sobbing to my Girlfriend I took a screen shot and then the program closed. I realised I have the screenshot then. So I had to work from the screen shot and that was hell. Working over an already compressed image was just any artist nightmare.
But yeah the background was suppose to be something different but yeah working off a compressed Jpeg I couldn’t be assed changing it. 

My girlfriends RP character, Henry. With My RP character Jewels.
Making sweet sweet loving. Muscular men are hard to draw, but eh. it’s practice. 

I doodled two little old ladies I dunno why, I juust— doodled them.

Just a little picture. Dunno who this is but it looks like my girlfriends character Jeremiah. So yyee

This was suppose to be head angle practice but it ended up turning into a little comic.
I’m sure several people use this excuse. :’)
And I haven’t drawn hood and kane in a while. WOOO.

Art trade with a guy on DA.
Asked for Nagisa in lingerie.
He got that grin from Rin.
So here you are! Hope you guys also like.

This is a 2 year improvement thing. At least I’ve gotten a little better with hands? I still can’t draw horns. (or torai)

Anonymous said: I mean this in the least offensive way possible; you have a same-face-syndrome problem going on. Maybe try making more diverse facial structures rather than drawing the same face in different colors and hair. There's tons of things you can do to fix even small things.

Don’t worry! I know this ;w; It’s not offensive at all haha.
Who’d get offended by giving some tips? like “HOW DARE YOU GIVE ME SOME TIPS ON HOW TO IMPROVE ON MAH ART RAAWWW” 
Yeah I’m trying but thank you anon! I will be studying faces and shapes just it’s a bit hard when you’ve been in that routine for years. yah no what imma sayin?
Thanks again! //cuddles