This is a 2 year improvement thing. At least I’ve gotten a little better with hands? I still can’t draw horns. (or torai)

Anonymous said: I mean this in the least offensive way possible; you have a same-face-syndrome problem going on. Maybe try making more diverse facial structures rather than drawing the same face in different colors and hair. There's tons of things you can do to fix even small things.

Don’t worry! I know this ;w; It’s not offensive at all haha.
Who’d get offended by giving some tips? like “HOW DARE YOU GIVE ME SOME TIPS ON HOW TO IMPROVE ON MAH ART RAAWWW” 
Yeah I’m trying but thank you anon! I will be studying faces and shapes just it’s a bit hard when you’ve been in that routine for years. yah no what imma sayin?
Thanks again! //cuddles

I’m creating an sci-fi RP with Velspar
We’re pairing our characters already ha, but this is my little shit, Ezekiel.
He’s a criminal, likes to steal shit including hacking into well off companies and draining their stock along with money. Hope you guys like him! got lazy with the colour, it’s 5am that’s my excuse.

These are from a couple of months back. I had to do 4 animations //dead
It’s why they’re mostly all lazily drawn and animated because I had to do a whole project with animation.
I did an animations on women’s right, Homophobia, Paper clips, and horses.
As you can see I barely animate and yet I’m going onto a University course in animation. 


Haru’s arm was a bitch to draw. So was rin—- Draw on livestream so thanks to all that came!


This is for Rezz, my plant bro. Keep on photosynthesizing.


My girlfriend wanted me to draw these two, so I did. Rei and Nagisa. Drew this on livestream so thanks all for coming.


Marco and Jean skype calling, Marco all embarrassed because he has bed hair and Jean kept bugging him to video call.



Leon and Suzuo have a nice morning shower before getting off to work…

Drew this on livestream ;w;


I’ve been so bored over the summer, My style has been getting Lazier so I’m trying to spend more time on my art. I’m having a mid-life art crisis. Help.